Parent Participation is Important - Please Volunteer

Building (includes Site, Security, Technology Infrastructure) – The Building committee oversees three areas of our physical plant’s needs:

  • The Site committee oversees the physical needs of the Yeshivat Noam campus whether through maintenance of the existing property and building or through upcoming improvements.
  • The Security committee works with security experts to ensure that the best safety measures are in place on our property and in our school buildings.
  • The Technology Infrastructure committee works with the Director of Technology, Assistant Director of Technology and the Administration to assist in planning the technology needs for the school.

Communications/PR – The Communications/PR committee is responsible for media relations, marketing materials and publicity for Yeshivat Noam as well as the website. The PR committee works with other committees to provide them with appropriate marketing materials as needed.  

Finance – The Finance committee works with the administration and our Director of Finance on an extensive budget process to ensure the financial health of the school, as well as many other finance-related activities.

Development (includes Dinner, Annual Campaign and Golf/Tennis Outing) – The Fundraising committee encompasses all the significant fundraising activities in the school, including:

  • The Dinner committee is responsible for many aspects of organizing our annual fund raising dinner, including venue selection, invitations, decorations, gifts and catering.
  • This past year’s Annual Campaign was a huge success and it is due in large part to a wonderful group of volunteers who met with current and potential donors. Come join our team!
  • The Golf and Tennis Outing has become a Yeshivat Noam tradition. This annual event is an important fund raiser as well as a wonderful social opportunity for our parents, fellow community members, and business associates.

Recruitment (includes Open House) – The Recruitment Committee works on all areas of attracting new families to our school and strengthening the message of our school to young families in the community. Join our team of Yeshivat Noam ambassadors!