Scrip Information

Every family is required to purchase $7,000 of scrip during the school year. The scrip program provides a parent with two choices: either to buy $7,000 worth of scrip cards, or pay $350 to opt out of the program. The scrip year begins on August 1 and ends May 31. The Business Office must know in advance your choice of participation. Please indicate at the bottom of the form if you plan on purchasing scrip or opting out of the program.

Scrip may be purchased at the Business Office 9:00am-4:30pm, as well as from the following volunteer who sells scrip from her home:

Michele Major (201) 837-6071

The following stores participate in our scrip program:

Shoprite, Stop 'n Shop, Grand & Essex and Glatt Express 

The following stores are available by request only:

Barnes & Noble , Lord & Taylor, Bed Bath & Beyond

Gap (which can be used at Banana Republic and Old Navy)

If you have any questions, please call Amanda Lipschik  at 201 261-1919 ext. 287