Scrip Information

Every family is required to purchase $7,000 of scrip during the school year. The scrip program provides a parent with two choices: either to buy $7,000 worth of scrip cards, or pay $350 to opt out of the program. For each Scrip gift card purchased through the school, our merchant partners give 5% to Yeshivat Noam. There's no added cost for scrip gift cards each year, which generates a minimum of $350 in rebates for our school. The scrip year begins on August 1 and ends May 31. We must know in advance your choice of participation. 

The following stores participate in our scrip program: Shoprite, Stop 'n Shop, Grand & Essex and Glatt Express.

Scrip may be purchased in the following ways:

1. You may send a check in an envelope with your child to school. Please write Attn: Scrip/Business Office on the envelope and include a note or make a note on the check of the breakdown for the requested stores & amount. Please allow up to 2 school days for the scrip to be sent home with your child.  

2. For in school pick up: Please email [email protected] 1 day before pick up date with requested stores & amount so the envelope is ready for pick up. Please pick up from the Elementary School office. The breakdown for the requested stores & amount must be noted on the check as well.
3. You may pick up from parent volunteer Michele Major. Please contact to arrange pick up and for address information- (201) 837-6071 or [email protected]