School Supply List

Early Childhood:

Please supply the following in a 6 qt clear storage box with a lid with your child's name labeled on the outside in black marker:

1. A complete change of clothing including:
          a. 2 pairs of socks/tights
          b. Underwear (at least 2 pairs)
          c. Undershirt
          d. Skirt/pants
          e. Shirt
          f. An extra kippah/hat for boys

2. One smock

3. One box of quart Ziploc bags & one box of gallon Ziploc bags

4. An extra hat and gloves

Please make sure to replenish your child's supplies taking into account changing seasons and your child's growth.

A knapsack for daily back and forth is recommended.

Elementary School and Middle School parents have the option to order school supplies through Star School Supply online.
The deadline to make an order is July 7, 2019. School supplies will be delivered to school and your child will receive them on the first day of school.
Click here to order school supplies online. Our school code is 1919.