Health (Co-chairs: Mindy Warshawsky, Alyssa Hertzberg)
Encourages good nutrition, exercise, and educates families about healthy living. Projects include Health Week, Health Corner bulletin board, and improving snack guidelines.

Middle School Chessed (Co-chairs: Aliza Fischman, Emilia Basseches, Rona Rubin)
Plans and runs programs in Grades 6-8 and sensitizes our students to the needs of others in our community. Projects include: Chessed Club, visits to nursing homes, tzedakah campaigns, Middle School Yom Iyun, and more.

Parent Education (Co-chairs: Rachel Cyrulnik, Ravital Korn)
Plans educational programs for Yeshivat Noam parents, including parenting workshops, shiurim, online lectures, and other programs on a variety of current topics.

Student Development Committee (Co-chairs: Bena Schwartz, Susie Katz)
Enhances children’s development physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and creatively. Events include bus safety, the Veteran’s Day program, Chanukah fire safety, in-class visits by career professionals (doctors, dentists, etc.), and more.