Health Guidelines

We are concerned for your child's health both individually and communally.

1.   In compliance with New Jersey State Law, new admission forms are required to be filled out and signed by your physician prior to each child entering school.
2.   A yearly readmission physical must be on file in the Nurse's office. All children must meet this requirement. Students may not participate in sports teams without proper documentation.

The following are conditions to which parents and the school must pay careful attention:

If your child has a fever of 100F or higher orally, he or she SHOULD NOT be attending school. The child MUST BE FEVER FREE FOR 24 HOURS, off of all fever reducing medications, before returning to school. If your child was sent home from school with a fever, they may not return to school the next day. 

•Children should receive proper medication for strep throat and any other bacterial infection and remain home for 24 hours fever free after the first dose of antibiotics.

•Colds are common throughout the year. To ensure the comfort of your child and those around him or her, please keep your child at home until his or her nose runs clear.

•Please use your best judgment in sending your child to school with a phlegmatic cough or any signs of respiratory illness.

•If your child was vomiting during the night, do not send them into school the next day. If your child was sent home from school for vomiting, they must be out of school for 24 hours after the vomiting has stopped.

•Any child with evidence of pink eye will be sent home. Appropriate prescription eye drops or ointment must be applied to pink eye or conjunctivitis. There must be no sign of discharge or significant redness before returning to school.

Please ask your physician to structure your child's medications so that they may be administered at home. If a child has to take medication during the school day, the Request For Administration of Medicine Form must be completed by your physician and given to the Nurse. Students may NOT take medications in school on their own, prescription or over the counter.

In the event that a child has lice, he or she must be picked up from school. All nits must be removed. The Nurse will advise you on techniques to remove lice and nits from your child's hair, and will decide when a child may return to class. If your child complains of an itchy head over the weekend or vacation, we request that you check your child's hair prior to sending them back to school. The school will check your child prior to the start of school.

•A communicable disease is an illness that can be caught from other people. All reportable diseases are also considered communicable. The following is a list of common communicable diseases found in children:

Chicken Pox

Strep Throat







 Please contact the school if your child has any of the reportable or communicable diseases listed above and on the next page. Children will not be allowed back in school after having one of these diseases without a note from your physician.

•Please note the list of reportable diseases found on the next page.

•Should your child contact Fifth Disease, please notify the School Nurse.