Nut Free Policy

Do's and Don'ts for Yeshivat Noam's Nut Policy

Products that state "May contain trace nuts" may not be sent to school.

Products that state, "Processed on equipment that produces nuts", on the label, may be sent in for your child's consumption only, i.e. their own lunch or snack. They MAY NOT be sent in for class parties.



Greens/Oberlanders/Stern baked goods

Zadies or Butterflake products (Mini items for birthday parties)

Zucker's Bakers

Entenmann's Pop'ems (2 per student) or 1 mini donut (must check labels)*

Cereals (must check labels)*

Ice cream/Ices (Preferably no Red or Blue Dyes)

Fruit Strips/Leather (no added sugar)

Cut up Fruit (Kids love it!) **

Hershey kisses- silver or purple foil only (3 per student)

Oreos /Chips Ahoy (2 per student)*

K-toos (GF Oreo type) cookie

Pirate Booty (GF)

Popcorn (not for preschool)


Pretzels /Honey Whole Wheat Twist

Snyders Gluten Free Pretzels (GF)

Corn Chips (Lays GF)

Snack Pack Puddings

Tortilla chips (Many GF)

Cut up vegetables **

Veggie Straws (GF)

Yogurt squeezers-may be frozen

* These companies have items that also contain nut products. Please check each label carefully

** Must have Hashgacha

GF-Gluten Free options


NOT OK For Class Parties:

Acme baked goods

Beigel's products

Carvel ice cream/cakes

Cedar Market baked goods

Costco bakery products

Dunkin' Donuts

Grand & Essex baked goods

Stop & Shop baked goods

Zomick's Bakery

No Candy or Chocolate aside from a few Chocolate Hershey's Kisses

No Fruit by the Foot, Gushers, Taffy, Licorice, Sour Sticks etc.

NO Soda or sugar drinks


Challah for Shabbat Parties:

Bagel City

Bagels n More


Challah Fairy

S&G Five Star Challah


Zucker's Bakers


OK For Individual Snack/Lunch:

Yo Crunch Yogurt with Chips Ahoy, Oreo and Kellogg's toppings

(NO M & M's, TWIX, or Snickers toppings)