An early childhood educational experience is the cornerstone for social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual development. It is also vital for fostering self-knowledge and awareness of others. We need a compassionate as well as an intellectually developed society, where there exist individuals with both flexibility and precision of mind and heart. What better way to start than with children whose sense of wonder at the world is their hallmark? What they can hold in their hands they will retain in their minds and incorporate into their hearts. A solid experiential foundation contributes to academic learning in school as well as independent, critical thought and action in life. If we synthesize developmentally appropriate and stimulating activities with the establishment of a sensitive and loving relationship, we not only educate children, we inspire them.

Shlomo Hamelech said in Mishlei (20:11) that a young child is known by his activity. Children, from the moment they burst on the “scene”, do not stop moving. Their movements have meaning, method and momentum. These movements become more finely tuned with every developmental stage and provide information about the world. When we observe and interact with children, we are in the unique position of at once defining and reflecting their space. At Yeshivat Noam we take great care to provide a learning environment geared towards:

•An interest and stimulation in a developmentally appropriate manner and pace to promote a lifelong love of learning.

•The active engagement of the child in his/her learning process; the creation of a meaningful web of knowledge.

•An atmosphere of warmth, security, validation, respect and compassion in individual classrooms as well as throughout the school.

•Emotional competence - self esteem, responsibility and independence.

•Social competence – awareness, negotiation, success.

•Cognitive/Social/Emotional risk-taking and problem solving skills.

We are committed to providing an environment in which each child can gain a sense of self, a sense of community, a sense of mastery and a sense of compassion.