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Touring Yeshivat Noam

Tours take place with one family at a time. This gives us the opportunity to talk about your child/ren and to begin exploring a relationship. When we visit the different classrooms and environments, please feel free to ask questions, elicit information and present scenarios. Our dialogue and your observations should help you visualize the fit of Yeshivat Noam and your child/family. After the tour, we will be meeting with Rabbi Hagler. Hopefully, you will come away with a good understanding of Yeshivat Noam and our values and approach as it relates to children, education, and Torah. Hopefully you will also come away with the warm desire to join our family! 


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If you are having difficulty finding a convenient tour time, please contact Amanda Lipschik, Director of Admissions & Recruitment at or (201) 261-1919 x287.