Lunch Program

Yeshivat Noam is pleased to offer the 2019-2020 hot lunch program. Meat meals will be offered 3 days per week on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, with Dairy meals on Wednesday and Friday. At this time we are able to offer a nut controlled menu which is catered by the Kosher Experience. We are unable to accommodate any other food restrictions at this time. The lunch menu being offered to the Early Childhood has been adjusted in order to create a more successful lunch experience for the Early Childhood students. This has been done in consultation with the Early Childhood administration and faculty.
Lunch program dates - September 5, 2019 – June 17, 2020.
We are also pleased to announce a pizza day only option (every Wednesday). Please note the pizza is prepared in house. The meal includes pizza, soup, vegetable and a beverage. Pizza day will begin September 11, 2019.
Lunch program (includes pizza day):                    Pizza day:
Buds & K               $805                                       Buds & K           $215
Grades 1-8            $835                                       Grades 1-8        $225