Nitzanei Noam Calendar 2018-2019

September 2018

September 4th- First day of school-staggered schedule-both classes

September 5th- Staggered schedule-both classes

September 6th- Back to School Night

September 10&11- Rosh Hashanah -no school

September 18&19- Erev Yom Kippur/ Yom Kippur -no school

September 24&25- Sukkot-no school

September 26&27- Chol Hamoed Sukkot-Regular school, precare and aftercare

September 28- Chol Hamoed Sukkot-12 noon dismissal-no lunch, no aftercare or precare

October 2018

October 1&2- Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah- no school

November 2018

November 22 & 23- Thanksgiving-no school

December 2018

December 2- Chanukah Party

December 16- Parent Teacher Conferences

December 25- No school

January 2019

January 1- No school

January 21-25- No school-Winter Break


February 2019

February 18- President’s Day-no school

March 2019

March 20- Ta’anit Esther-Friday dismissal

March 21- Purim-No School

March 22- Shushan Purim-Costume Day

April 2019

April 18-April 26- Pesach-No School

May 2019

May 5- Parent/Teacher Conferences

May 13- Picture Day

May 27- Memorial Day-no school

June 2019

June 10- Shavuot - no school

June 18- Moving Up Celebration

June 20- Last day of school-12 noon dismissal

Friday Dismissal

September - April (until after Pesach)

Nitzan Aleph- 1:15 pm

Nitzan Bet- 1:30 pm

May and June

Nitzan Aleph- 2:00 pm

Nitzan Bet- 2:30 pm

Friday Aftercare

Aftercare on Fridays will be until 2pm in September for both classes.

There is no aftercare on Fridays from October until after Pesach.

Aftercare on Fridays will be until 3pm from after Pesach through June.